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a mother struggles with the suicide of her soldier son

ISBN 978-1-948380-21-8 • HARDCOVER $24.95
ISBN 978-1-948380-17-1 • TRADE PAPERBACK $19.95
ISBN 978-1-948380-22-5 • EBOOK


The brutal announcement of the death of her son launches psychotherapist Cynthia Crosson into her own journey of understanding and healing. Blinded by the potential impact of PTSD on her sons life, she pulls herself from depression to seek answers within the complex events surrounding his suicide while on military leave. Perhaps guided by Jamie's love of wolves, Cynthia finds comfort through developing a service dog program for veteran's dealing with trauma. "A wolf will not suffer himself to be caged."
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The Experiences of a Child Welfare Worker

Second Edition

ISBN 978-1-4786-4788-1 • TRADE PAPERBACK $27.95

Cynthia Crosson’s first memoir (written under Crosson-Tower) recounts her years as a social worker in child welfare.


Drawing upon a decades-long career as a social worker, Crosson-Tower weaves her own experiences and lessons into an engaging story of perseverance in the face of stark reality. She recounts her early days on the job, where she quickly encountered a heavy caseload, sudden and unexpected challenges, and the need to balance it all with her own life.

Updated to include new insights and challenges, this exceptional journey into the life and role of a social worker realistically portrays the unique and turbulent circumstances in which resiliency and sensitivity play a large part. Each chapter is paired with “Questions for Thought” that encourage readers to pause and consider the practices they would use in a variety of cases.

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     ISBN 978-0-9867730-2-7 • TRADE PAPERBACK • $13.95      
Sunny’s mom, Amanda, returned from deployment in Afghanistan injured and confined to a wheelchair. Spark, her service dog, helps her regain independence. When Sunny accompanies Mom and Spark to appointments at the veteran’s center, she meets Malcolm whose veteran dad, Gabe, also has combat-related injuries. Sunny and Malcolm become friends and decide that Gabe, too, needs a specially trained service dog. Together they strive to make it happen.


     ISBN 978-0-9897667-2-2 • TRADE PAPERBACK • $12.00   
Daddy comes home from war with post traumatic stress syndrome (PTSD). His service dog is trained by Assistance Dogs for Better Living (ABL) to be dedicated to Daddy, and Daddy’s dog is not meant to be a child’s pet. Psychiatric Social Worker Cynthia Crosson, Ed.D, and Carole Williams, illustrator, provide a clear, gentle explanation about why this is Only Daddy’s Dog.
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